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I cannot be more pleased with our experience at Child's Garden. Mr. Harry is spectacular, as is his very talented team of staff. I feel not only that my daughter is well prepared for kindergarten, but that she is prepared socially for the next step in life. The staff at Child's Garden have been so helpful and have taken wonderful care not only of our daughter, but of our family when we needed it. My only regret is not enrolling her in their program sooner. I would not hesitate to recommend Child's Garden to someone, and I have already done so.
Brooke Schetgen
My son is in Kindergarten and currently goes to Child's Garden for before and after school care. He and I both love the center, the owner/director Harry Walker is fantastic and has decades of experience as an educator. I love that the bigger kids can earn the privilege of having their own "land" in the lego room and the fact that they play outside for close to an hour after school every day. I have no concerns or complaints at all about Child's Garden and recommend it highly.
Jennifer Coveney
My children (Bailey and Kendell) have been going to Child’s Garden for three years and we have come to view it as a ‘second home.’ The entire staff is caring and creative and does a great job at preparing the young kids for Kindergarten. My son has severe allergies and I take great comfort in knowing they are well prepared and trained to deal with them.
Jennifer Ransaw Smith
It's a great school - our Grand Daughter loves it - plenty of outdoor time playing and nature hikes. She has grown verbally, physically and socially.
Vicki Scobell
The teachers at Child’s Garden really helped my daughter come out of her shell. Before starting at the school, she was somewhat shy and had little experience interacting with other toddlers. After a short time, she became much more outgoing and independent, was recognizing the letters of the alphabet, and telling me about her friends at school. She also is much better at communicating her needs/wants/feelings…and was more willing to try and do things on her own (i.e getting dressed, putting away her toys, etc.) I think Child’s Garden is a great place for a child’s first [learning] experience. The staff is very knowledgeable, caring and compassionate.
Wendy Stevens
Having my child, (son, Benjamin) attend Child's Garden is like leaving him with close relatives or friends for a few hours and not ever having to worry a thing. Mr. Harry, Ms. Faith and the entire staff are dedicated, trained professionals who meet the childrens' needs with enthusiasm. Knowing what I know now, if I were a child, I would want to attend Child’s Garden just for the fun of it.
Ras H.
Child's Garden is aptly named - Harry and the staff really do encourage the growth of the child, at their own pace, with their own foibles. Our children attended Child's Garden years ago (they are now 23 and 25), and it was a wonderful experience for them both, and us. Harry Walker became a trusted friend and confidante over the years; even after the children had "left the garden," he was interested in what they were doing. He and the staff are true educators in every sense of the word. I can't say enough positive things. It is structured "just enough" to allow a child to explore, but be safe, and mutual respect of everyone is paramount. I can't say enough good things about them.
Jack Andrews
Child's Garden is a place where your kids can grow and learn at their own pace. They are surrounded by wonderful friends and supportive teachers. It is unique in that the children get to spend so much time outside playing and learning about nature. They even plant a garden together! Like the vegetables they plant, the children really seem to grow and blossom there!
Ann Kershner


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