Preschool Program

Preschool Program

Preschool Program

Through non-competitive activities we support the child’s natural curiosity and creativity. We utilize a variety of art and music as well as Montessori and Reggio Emelia techniques to provide the concrete experiences that are so necessary to learning during early childhood.

Our program is built on Montessori principles, uses Reggio Emilia theory, and concepts from the Creative Curriculum for Preschoolers. This exciting combination allows us freedom to create stimulating and developmentally appropriate centers. Our students learn through play, work in small or large groups, as well as individually.

Using principles taken from Montessori we observe our students. We provide them with an environment that enables them to self-teach and explore the world around them each and every day. We model and teach good manners and understand that each child is an individual. We are able to modify a center to meet the needs of a two-year-old as well as a three-year-old classmate.
Using Reggio as a part of our curriculum enables us to cater to the needs and interest of each child. The child is able to follow their interests and explore the objects or tools of each center. A child may ask ‘why?’ and we look to find the answer together. Our teachers respect each child, their questions of why, and their desire to find an answer. Reggio encourages the teachers to spend time outside with the students. We go on nature walks, have outdoor centers, plant and tend to a garden. Our art activities are not designed to produce a specific outcome but to enjoy the journey of the materials presented.

Creative Curriculum is a research-based approach to educating our students. It grants the teacher the ability to teach the student and gives the student space to explore their interests. In the classroom we encourage each child to immerse themselves in their work for the day. We guide them through social interactions, build their self-confidence, and critical thinking skills. We have toy free play time during our morning outdoor play time. This permits the child time to continue building their social skills, engage their imagination, and work on problem solving.


Included In Our
Preschool Program:

Our Garden

We love our garden! Everything we use is organic; from our soil to our seeds. We love having our hands in the soil and eating what we grow. It is awesome to watch the children experience wonder and amazement as their hard work turns seeds into food!