About Us

About Us

Our Philosophy

The mission of Child’s Garden is to provide a world-class preschool and childcare program rich in cutting edge, developmentally appropriate experiences. In an atmosphere that emphasizes the concepts of loving, sharing and personal 

excellence, our programs enable young children to grow cognitively, physically, socially and ethically so as to reach maximum potential as responsible and contributing global citizens.

To this end, both our preschool and before and after school programs are designed to ensure that the following are developed:

In addition to the above, our preschool program is committed to delivering the maximum level of kindergarten readiness, social and emotional development as well as gross and fine motor skill activities to prepare children for success when entering elementary school.

Our Values

Child’s Garden Learning Center has adopted four core values that act as guiding principles for our approach to education:


We collaborate with students, parents, and teachers to build a community of committed learners.


We respect each child, parent and teacher for their unique abilities, skills and contribution to our learning community.


We adhere to the highest and most current standards of excellence in the field of childhood development, early childhood education, and childcare.


We encourage and support the natural curiosity and creativity of children, parents and teachers.

Meet The Team

Harry Walker

& Operations Officer

Lisa Colavita

Lead Teacher
2/3 Year Old Preschool Class

Nastasya (Star) Alleyne

Lead Teacher
4/5 Year Old Preschool Class